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What kind of travel crate can I use?

When you want to travel with your pets with checked baggage or manifest cargo The most important thing is your pet travel crate. Please remember Airlines have the right to not allow your pets travel with you if travel crate did not follow regulations from International Air Transport Association Regulations or IATA. Information below are Requirement form IATA. 

Pets travel crate could made from  Fibreglass, metal, rigid plastic, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood

Each animal contained in the container must have  enough space to turn about normally while standing, to stand and sit erect, and to lie in a natural position

For wooden containers, an outer frame of 2.5 cm × 7.5 cm (1 inch × 3 inch) lumber screwed or bolted together and lined with solid wood or plywood sides is acceptable.

Handling Spacer Bars/Handles
Must be provided along the middle of both long sides of the container

The floor must be solid and leak-proof.

The roof must be solid but ventilation holes are allowed over the whole surface provided that they do not reduce the integrity of the strength of the roof itself.

For containers made of wood, plywood of a minimum of 12 mm (½ in) or equivalent material must be used.

- The door must form the whole of one end of the container. It can be either sliding or hinged. 

- There must be an adequate means of fastening and sealing for those containers destined for countries where sealing is required. Large doors will require additional hinges and two or three secure means of fastening to be fully secure.

- The shipper must ensure that all hardware and fasteners are in place and serviceable.

Feed and Water Containers
Water container must be present within the container with outside access for filling. Food containers must be present either within the container, if sealed, or attached to it for use in cases of delay. Note illustrations above are illustrations only, containers that look or receptacles that are attached differently are acceptable.




Travel Crate
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