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- Microchip must be inserted before rabies vaccine is administered.

- Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs and cats entering Taiwan from Third country (Thailand ). Dogs that have never been

   vaccinated against rabies must be vaccinated at least 30 days prior to arrival. 

- 1 month after the rabies vaccine is administered; the blood sample can be drawn and must be sent to approved OIE lab for

   rabies blood test. 

- Passing the rabies test with the blood sampled during any of the following periods: 

   - Within 180 days to one year prior to importation.

   - Within 180 days to one year subsequent to the previous date of blood sampling that passed the rabies test, and within one

       year prior to importation.
- Taiwan Import Permit, International health certificate, export license. this will be facilitated by United Pet Express.
- Copy of owner’s passport


Original documents to come along with the pet(s):
1. Original of Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test (RNATT). Which referes to the FAVN Report Form - Rabies Antibody Titer 

     for Export Animals; Rabies Serum Neutralization Test (RSNT); Rabies Blood Test; and Rabies Serological Test. 
2. Vaccination Records-The record must have pets' vaccination histories with tattoos or chips, rabies shots (anti-rabies

     inoculation) older than 21 days but it must not be expired.

3. Dubai Import Permit
4. Microchip Certificate
5. Airway Bill


- Export requirements are based on following the import requirements of the importing country.

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