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- Microchip must be inserted before rabies vaccine is administered

- 1 month after the rabies vaccine is administered; the blood sample can be drawn and must be sent to approved   

  OIE laboratories for rabies blood test. If pet have an up to date rabies vaccine (no lapse), no need to wait 1 month after the 

  rabies vaccine is administered. In this case, blood sample can be drawn anytime.
- Cats/Dogs can only be shipped 3 months calendar after the blood sample was drawn.

- International health certificate, export license, and EU veterinary certificate -This will be facilitated by United Pet Express.
- Copy of owner’s passport
- Customs Form (this will be provided by us)

Original documents to come along with the pet(s)
1. International Health Certificate and Endorsed EU Veterinary Certificate (this will be provided by us)
2. Vaccination Records -The record must have pets' vaccination histories with tattoos or chips, rabies shots (anti-rabies

    inoculation) older than 30 days but it must not be expired.
3. Rabies blood Test (We can assist you with blood draw)
4. Microchip Certificate

- Pet owner must arrive in EU within 5 days of pet(s) arrival. Otherwise shipment will be considered as commercial. VAT will be apply.

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