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For Import pets into Brazil  all pets need to have the documents below. 

- Import permit 
- Copy of vaccination records-vaccination against rabies and DHLPP not less than 21 days. 
- Pet detail such as breed, gender, date of birth, microchip number, color, etc.
- Original health certificate issued by the government of exporting country

If the country is considered rabies free by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), there is no need to present a

   proof of rabies vaccination. This information should be specified on the International Veterinary Certificate/Pet


- The animal must be submitted within fifteen (15) days prior to the issue date of the International Veterinary

   Certificate/Pet Passport to a broad-spectrum treatment against internal and external parasites with products

   authorized by the Veterinary Authority, identifying the active ingredients.

- The animal must be examined within ten (10) days prior to the date of issue of the International Veterinary

   Certificate/Pet Passport showing no clinical signs of infectious or parasitic diseases and is fit for transport.
- Copy of owner's passport.
- Original AWB
- Pet's photo
- Full origin and destination address

To obtain Import Permit, we need to have the supporting documents from your side at least 2 weeks prior to arrival:
- Copy of vaccination records
- Copy of vaccination page with pet detail such as breed, gender, date of birth, microchip number, color, etc.
- Copy of owner's passport
- Tentative flight details
- Pet's photo
- Full origin and destination address

Original documents to come along with the pet(s):
1. Export Health Certificate from Origin
2. AWB

United Pet Express can assist you to get  Import Permit, Original AWB (For Manifest Cargo), Customs Clearance and Delivery at Destination.

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